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Bed Bugs

Many people seem to think that the Bed Bug is an insect of the past, and that there are very few occurrences in these modern times, but Bed Bugs have in fact been steadily on the increase in the UK and indeed worldwide for the last ten years.. The presents of Bed Bugs is in no way a reflection on the cleanly ness of a property, and there have been no associations made between Bed Bugs and the spread of disease.

Some of the most common ways that Bed Bugs are able to spread is through the moment of luggage, the eggs of a Bed Bug are extremely small and sticky enabling them to sick to the bags and cases of holiday makers visiting hotels or other forms of accommodation both here and abroad. Second hand furniture, carpets and rugs are also a common method of bringing Bed Bugs into your home.

The treatment of Bed Bugs is something that has to be done over a period of time, and there is no quick fix for the problem, rooms have to be prepared prior to treatment which involves the removal and washing of all bed cloths to a temperature of at least 50 degrees  this may also include curtains, furniture may also have to be moved or emptied to allow areas that offer harborage to be treated.

The treatment will normally be the application of a residual carbamate or pyrethroyd based spray, with an added IGR, which is  an Insect Growth Regulator to prevent young Bed Bugs called Nymphs from growing into adults., And the treatments will be applied every few weeks until control is achieved.

Bed Bug

Bed Bug Treatment